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I have been meaning to visit Holbrook Park, the home of Holbrook St Michaels FC for some time now and with the season drawing to a conclusion, I thought I may have to wait yet another year, but with all good Bank Holiday Mondays, it always allows the odd fixture you are not expecting to sneak up and this was the time. It also meant I had completed the CMFL Grounds again, so the Babycham bottle is now open!

After taking directions on the Holbrook St Michaels website, we did find the entrance to Holbrook Hall, but the wrong entrance, but after asking a local lady she directed us straight to the ground. Shawn's eyes alight as we passed a big park for him and he was even more excited, as Hazel had packed him a picnic, well it was a bag of crisps and a apple to be fair!

I was greeted by the Saints Committee and some of the Newark Town Officials including old friend Richard Lane. The home club had some staff away and they were struggling to make drinks etc, so I popped in and said hi to the officials and they offered me a drink but they all had milk in, so just took one for Hazel, whilst Shawn saw the Ref's Jelly Babies and he wasnt going to leave their room without some. The ref gave him a handful and then he legged it to the park next door!

A few hoppers were in attendance and came chatting to me, whilst at the gate, the treasurer was busy selling a decent programme and trying to sell his team badges, when Blidworth Secretary Scott Ward arrived and on hearing that there was no one to do the teas etc offered me and him to run the half time tea bar.

Newark Town were struggling to get a side this morning but managed to get players to Holbrook, whilst Holbrook them selves looked abit short on the ground. The game kicked off in blazing sunshine and it was the visitors who were looking the more dangerous side and this proved in the 9th minute when JAY PHILLIPS slotted them ahead. The game then went through a stroll paced session with both sides creating the odd chance.

As I was heading down towards making the half time refreshments with Scott, REECE SELF scored after 43 minutes. The players headed indoors for a bit of shade, whilst after the tea bar rush we was thanked by a home committee member for taking £5 towards their costs.

The Saints began the Second Half a lot brighter, but didnt really give Attwood in the Newark goal a lot to do to be honest. On 55 minutes, CALLUM FRASER got on the end of a cross and swept the ball across the home keeper in to the net to give his side a three goal advantage.

On the hour, the referee stopped a throw in taking place and called all the players together for a drinks interval, which I felt was excellent by the referee, as the weather was certainly the opposite to January!

Just before the final whistle, CALLUM FRASER scored his second of the game and made the final score 4-0 to Newark Town.

Must say didnt notice the 3 officials, Ref David Webb(not the 80's Chelsea Player) and his assistants Wayne Porter and Paul Vallis as they all had a excellent match.

Photos from the match can be seen on this LINK



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