Thursday, 16 May 2013


Division Two
played at Ashfield School

On Tuesday evening I spoke to Steve Seers at the Notts Senior League Junior Cup Final and he told me that he was the referee for this fixture, so I put it on twitter, as this was a ground Id not been and Ashlands usually play at Kirkby's Summit Centre Ground, but with the goals having been taken down, the fixture had to be played here at Ashfield School as a one off. Now Ashland produce a programme for a Saturday match, so a ground hopper came along tonight and bagged himself a few freebie copies from previous matches.

Finding the dressing room area as Hazel dropped me off was a challenge but then walked in to 4 Calverton players who was also lost, but then I spotted joint managers of Ashland  Jez Wright & Liam Best, so knew I was at the right place.

Spoke to Steve Seers the match referee before hand and Calverton were running late due to heavy traffic and both sides asked for a 40 minute each way game to which was agreed by all.

The game kicked off in bright sunshine and it was the visitors who made a bright start within the first minute seeing a dipping shot bounce off the cross bar. I stood with local hopper Howard and we spoke about upcoming matches. The visitors then hit the crossbar again with only 10 minutes on the watch. It then began to rain and we was joined by Mr Paling the dad of one of the Ashland players..up went the umbrellas. Ashlands were then denied a penalty when the ref adjudged a foul just outside the box, it was a very close call but the free kick was wasted. Then a lovely ball across the 6 yard box only needed a touch to go in to the Calvo net but  players  missed it.

Half time came and went and the match looked like it was going to just petter out for a end of season 0-0 draw, but the visitors had other ideas when on the Hour a lo shot found the corner of the net leaving Joint Manager Liam Best unsighted and picking the ball out as it passed him.

Ashfield pushed forward but the Calvo defence held strong and was just too good for the home attackers in the end.

A good match between two good sides and a faultless performance by Steve Seers in the middle and you can see why he is the referee for the NSL's Top match, the League Senior Cup between Bulwell FC v Keyworth United FC on Tuesday Night at Arnold Town FC 7.30pm kick off.

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