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I'd seen AFC Mansfield in a Pre-Season Friendly away at Clay Cross Town , but wanted to see them in League action and tonight gave me that opportunity.

I was one of the first to arrive at the Forest Town Welfare Ground and met Andy Saunders and Pete Craggs and got my programme and had a chat. I then helped wipe down the wet seats as we had had a downpour of rain and the seating area isnt covered.

I then had a pint before Richard Lane came along and we had a chat joined by Kiveton's captains Dad Mr Longmore, then entered the ground Rob Waite who made a bee line for me, Usually when he does this, he takes some photo of me in a daft position! This time though he came up to me and gave me a £5 donation towards the blogs charity..its really grateful..Rob also has a blog which is a good read

The match kicked off and Kiveton were on the front foot and missed from about 3 yards out and could well have been 2-0 up but if you dont take your chances then you pay sometimes and they certainly did tonight.

Carl HASLAM in the 10th minute, danced and teased the Kiveton defence before firing AFC in to the lead. It was then all AFC as Kiveton were chasing shadows, but we had to wait until 35 minutes before Ricky CHAMBERS put the homesters 2-0 up..4 minutes later and that man Carl HASLAM increased the scoreline to 3-0.

The Half Time break seemed to go on for ages, but we were soon greeted to another AFC goal as soon as the game re-started when Dean Rick fired in to the Kiveton net.

Kiveton tried and huffed and puffed to no great avail and while AFC had control of the game, certainly Kiveton were beginning to lose theres. The visiting number 8 then got booked for a late tackle, correctly so, but within a minute he decided to elbow a AFC player which left the home player on the ground, the ref ran over and everyone was surprised to see no card, but the gobby number 8 continued to swear not only at the referee but also then decided to punch his own player in the back and try and fight with others, the referee had no choice but to show him another yellow followed by a red, then he refused to leave the pitch(after the match, it is alledged that he entered the teferees dressing room and threw all his clothes in the showers..silly boy..big suspension coming up for him then!)..The game continued and Kiveton's left back then kicked a AFC Mansfield player after the ball had gone, the referee called the player over and just spoke to him, within a couple of minutes that player was on his way back to the changing rooms as well.

I dont like to have a go at a ref but I lost count of cards that he produced tonight and alot of them were uncalled for during the match. One thing I did notice was Kivetons Manager Wayne was with quiet and didnt argue with any of sendings off.

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