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Having not been to Platt Lane, the home of Keyworth United for over 20 years, I felt it time to do a return visit, also I needed to have a chat after the match with a couple of the home sides officials as they are a away side on this seasons NSL Bonanza.

As we parked up, in to the ground strolls local celebrity and groundhopper Sam Hodkin, who yesterday on Channel Four's 1001 things you should know quiz show won over £1500..dont forget to tune in on Monday at 3.30pm to see how he gets on as the champion.

Went into the clubhouse and met Keyworth Sec Dave Voce and had a cuppa before the players came out. I have seen Keyworth play twice this season and on both occasions they didnt have the best of matches, so I thought there may well be a fair few goals here today, as their visitors Southwell are the sort of club that beat top of the league one week and then seem to lose to bottom of the league the following league.

The game kicked off and within 3 minutes, it was the homesters that had taken a early lead, Southwell tried to get in to the game, but for the first 20 minutes, it looked as if Keyworth would double their lead, but after 36 minutes the game was back on level terms and it was Southwell who were on top to the half time whistle.

After a quick half time cuppa, it was back out to the action and action it was, as Keyworth re-took the lead from the first attack on 46 minutes and to be fair looked good for it, as they were more than matching their opponents from the CMFL South Division. Sadly it fell apart from them as they conceded two goals in the space of two minutes on 51 and 53 minutes to give Southwell a 3-2 advantage.

Keyworth pressed forward for a equaliser and came close on the hour when the ball went just wide and hit the side netting and matters got worse for them when the visitors added to their tally after 64 minutes to make it 4-2.

With nothing to lose the home side pushed players forward and got a lifeline on 78 minutes when pulling a goal back to keep them interested in this end to end cup tie, but their dream of reaching Round Three was ended when Southwell scored their fifth and final goal of the game with five minutes remaining.

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** Please note that there are only 19 seats left on the coach for the Notts Senior League Bonanza**

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