Thursday, 28 February 2013




When Hazel said she would drop me off at this game, I had my coat on within minutes. On arrival, I was met by Blidworth Sec Scott( a lovely chap) and Dave Voller. I also met local groundhopper Pete Chappell and had a coffee. The ground began to fill with others that I knew like Barry Clark and Les from Clippo and Newark bought a few folk along as well.

Just before kick off, I walked down the famous Blidworth steps and joined Richard Lane, Malc(the Bearded Wonder) and his best mate Kev along with Steve from Chesterfield.

As the temperture plunged we decided to talk about other games and events that had been going on and put the world to right, as on the pitch Blidworth more than matched their visitors for the first 30 minutes and infact after just 10 minutes could well of took the lead when a Dave Voller strike from 30 yards bounced back off the post.

Half time came and went and my coffee was a blessing, the lady came out the refreshments cabin and shouted that she only had 4 pies left, to which Scott replied I bet Hornby will have those, but I'm on a diet at present and doing very well, but I was tempted but didnt give in.

I thought the Second Half cant be as bad as the first or we was doomed for extra time and maybe Pens..I didnt have to wait long to have that hope disappear when Newark were awarded a free kick just outside the Blidworth box and IAN HILLIER smashed the ball through the wall and it deflected a couple of times before landing in the back of the net.

The game then went through a dull spell with both sides cancelling each other out in midfield and very few chances being created, so me, Kev, Steve and Malc carried on chatting and was joined by Darren Wragg, Brett Marshall and Steve from AFC Mansfield.

With just 10 minutes to go, IAN HILLIER made it 2-0 through a long shot and we all thought that would be the end of the game, but the best was to come, when two minutes later IAN HILLIER hit a 30 yarder and the Blidworth keeper didnt have time to react as it was in the back of the net.

After the match, I went with Darren Wragg to the Social Club and dropped a bit of cash out the fruit machine and then Daz gave me a lift home.

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