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Not often on a day like today Plan A stays on whilst all other matches are getting postponed. A quick phone call to Bob the Sandhurst Sec and the game was in no doubt with the excellent dedication of being on the pitch from 8am to keep the game on.

On the way, the local fields were flooded and I thought it may well be a case of the ref turning up and maybe calling this game off, but to my surprise the pitch was perfect like a summers day.

After a cuppa and a chat with Abbswolf from Ipswich and his friend, I strolled outside to be greeted by some the Attenborough Committee and referee Andy Rolfe, then came along Colin Picken from Sunny Scunny, though not very sunny today.

As the teams were being lead out, the rain stopped and the brolleys went down, as we were about to stroll to the far side of the ground, we were met by Sticky Palms who does the great Blog .

The game begin at a steady pace with the home side on the attack and after only 9 minutes, it was JOE FLETCHER who fired Sandhurst in to the lead. The visitors pushed forward and it didnt take long as on 16 minutes, they were level through PAUL IRESON.

I then took chance to talk to a few of the Attenborough folks who are hosting the Friday Evening match on this seasons Notts Senior League Bonanza on Friday 19th April and they are looking forward to it, as we were chatting came the goal of the game, when JUSTIN WHATMORE skipped past the home right back and danced his self into the penalty area after beating 2 other defenders and hammering the ball home.

Sandhurst FC may be near the foot of the table but they have fight in them and this club named after the local garden centre and on 39 minutes ANDY CAMERON made it 2-2.

It was back in to the nice clubhouse at half time where Colin bought the coffees and befoe we sat down the ref indicated the players were on their way back to the pitch. 

The mist began to roll towards the ground but kept away, but it was getting a bit dark, but with the help of someone having their car lights on all game in the car park we all saw JUSTIN WHATMORE blast the visitors ahead  on 47 minutes. This seemed to rock the home side and the away team had more of the ball and the home keeper was called in to action a few times.

On 73 minutes, Attenborough increased their lead to 4-2 through WES BURKE, but within 3 minutes the gap was closed when WES KITCHEN just squeezed the ball past the visiting keeper through a penalty.

In the 83rd minute, the game was settled and the visitors secured the points when WES BRACE scored his second and his clubs 5th goal of the game.

Real shame more people didnt attend to see a great game after the pitch was a credit to the people that had worked tirelessly on it to make this the only game in  Nottinghamshire on.

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