Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sherwood Eases To their First Step Seven Victory


Admission £2
Programme £1
Tasty Burger from BBQ £2.50
Attendance..73 Headcount

At half past two this match looked if it was in doubt, as Welbeck only had a few players in the car park, also we were waiting for a replacement Assistant Referee, to Welbeck's credit they managed to scrape eleven players and get the game started, I say in credit as I have seen other clubs with less than 10 players just turn round and go home in the past.

The match kicked off and it was Welbeck who had the early chances and could well have been 2 up in the first 15 minutes, but then Sherwood settled down to the task in front of them and like buses 2 goals came within 2 minutes to give them control of the game. They were to added another 2 before half time.

Within 30 seconds of the kick off of the second half and Sherwood were awarded their second penalty of the game to which they duly scored. From here on it was a case of how many and if we were to see double figures, though Welbeck never gave up and had a couple of chances of their own. Sherwood with the points in the bag made a few changes and bought on some of the youngsters to give them a run out and they added another three goals before the end.

After the match, Welbeck appointed a new manager who I know will try and do a good job at the club, but he is aware that he will bring in new faces and it will take time to turn things around.

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