Friday, 18 May 2012

Thoresby Hit the Top

FC05 Bilsthorpe 0 Thoresby Colliery Welfare 9
Att: 51

On arriving at the Welfare Ground the home of FC05, I thought this may well be a close match, as FC05 had beaten Welbeck just 24 hours earlier 9-0, but Thoresby who are chasing the title were no Welbeck. 

One by one the hoppers streamed in to the ground to be told there was no programme, but that didnt bother them or most of them as they had been pre-warned not to expect one.

I was showing my article that had appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post to folks and told them I had set up this Blog ready for next season and any goals tonights match and Saturdays match at Dronfield would forward on to this blog..Kind Hoppers Nick Willis, Gary Griffiths & Brian Meddins along with Thoresby Clubman Brian Wathall all gave me a donation to start the blog charity off.

On to the game, to say it was a miss-match would possibly be the best way of describing it, with Thoresby hitting the bar after a few minutes and somehow only leading 5-0 at half time, we did only see 4 more goals in the Second Half, but this was only down to a superb goalkeeping display from the FC05 Keeper or it could and maybe should have been double.

The 3 officials were very good in this game and in the First Half I cant remember a foul throughout it.

After careful thought of the Charity the blog is to support, I have chosen one very close to me, I am a Out Patient at the Cancer Clinic at Kings Mill Hospital in Mansfield and the volunteer ladies do drinks etc for the patients but are not allowed to accept donations as they have no collection boxes or they would, so the money would go back in to the cancer department, so if I can raise enough for some donation boxes and if any is left over toward new equipment, I'd be delighted.

Next stop on Aroundthegrounds is Dronfield Town FC on Saturday, so if anyone would like to make a donation, I'd be very grateful to accept it.

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